My Designing History


I was just recently talked to on the Shutdoor blog site with the major question of “What is the most effective point I’ve ever before developed?”. I responded to with my ‘individual brand name’ and also described exactly how my vision and also brand name has evolved gradually. You can check out the whole short article listed below.

The very best thing I ever before developed is my own individual brand name, which, luckily, is an ever-evolving creature.

My Name

My brand name is something that I work with on a daily basis– it offers me an identification, it drives me, it encourages me, and it helps me expand both directly and also professionally. My brand name is the public face of myself as a person– it’s just how people view me, both offline as well as online.

Do you ever review old photos and also think, “Wow, I wore that?” Or review something you’ve created and also winced? I enjoy doing that. It shows how you’re maturing, expanding, and advancing. As a graphic developer, I am far from exempt from this cringing, and also I assume the most effective instance or study of this development would be my individual freelance style company and blog site, Simply Innovative. I learned a lot of this from a design conference called Smashing Conference.

Today, I am content with the appearance, really feel, and total instructions of my on the internet existence, however I make sure that in a year or two, I’ll flinch and want to progress once again. A look back at where I’ve come from truly assists place this right into viewpoint, as I’ve certainly made lots of errors along the road. I also get a lot of my ideas from Design Inspiration.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.08.27 PM

I know that the existing site want some enhancements, but for currently, I am content. The website has actually created a system for me to land independent clients and it permits me to discuss and also connect with an ever-resourceful community. As for the future, let’s see how much I flinch when I look at it in 2015!


The key takeaway from the whole saga is to continuously advance. You need to be able to look back at just what you have actually created, whether it be in one or 5 years’ time, and also think, “Hey, I can have done this better.”

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